AUTOMATICA 2016 Review

June 21 - 24, Munich, Germany

Automatica 2016 booth

Smart Factory TX2 robots

Sensitive Environment robots

MPS tool changing system

Man and Machine

The new world of robotics and the future of man robot collaboration: from 21 to 24 June 2016, Stäubli Robotics was presenting the smart factory and the new TX2 robots – one robot for all stages of MRC.

Automatica draw a very positive balance with the best results ever. Stäubli succeeded with a completely new exhibitor concept which shined a spotlight not only on product development, but also on the whole new world of robotics in response of the new TX2 robot generation, IoT, Industry 4.0 and man and machine collaboration.

The Stäubli booth in hall B5, stand 321, drew a huge interest and a lot of positive attention and steadily heavy traffic from national and international visitors.

To see Automatica exhibition video, please click here

The booth was dedicated to five key zones:

Smart Factory and Man Robot Collaboration
A risk assessed manufacturing down to batch size one

Pictures of Smart Factory

Sensitive Environments
Consistent performance and a full range of dedicated solutions to meet segment Needs

High Performance
Speed, accuracy and unlimited performance across the entire envelope

Connected to your world
Compehensive set of solutions working on all levels depending on customer demand

More Pictures

Engaged and fascinated visitors, numerous project inquiries, satisfied staff – an overall success with world premieres.

Stäubli and Multi-Contact thanks everyone for their strong interest in our product technologies and especially in our smart factory shown at Automatica 2016.

Your Stäubli team